What is my mission

I am passionate about photography and capturing the right moment in an important time in your life. I do not only aim to deliver technically perfect images, but also photographs full of emotion and fun.  I would like those photographs to bring fond memories and feelings that you experienced on a special day.  


Personal Info

My name is Iva and I originally come from the Czech Republic. When I was young I studied at Agricultural College and by the age of 16 I could drive a tractor. I always had a camera hanging around my neck and I recorded various family events and trips with friends. Back then, I was using lovely black and white film and my dad's camera. Later, I swapped to colour and was given my first Canon camera and I was hooked. I photographed everything and anything and I joined a local camera club.


In my mid twenties I came to the UK to study English language for a year, and  I also found an evening photography course. Since then, a long time has passed and I have gained several qualifications in digital photography, image editing and manipulation, and also studied for a teaching qualification. I have been living in Coventry for 17 years and I am still creating images, but now it is my profession and I love every day of it.

My Experience:

I have been taking photographs professionally for over 12 years, and have gained experience in various areas of professional photography. However, I enjoy photographing weddings and portraits the most. I work locally but I have taken photographs of several weddings abroad.

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